Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Last Day of the FFF Conclave in Ellensburg, Washington (5/1/10)

Another day of wind today, but this was the day that I had come to the FFF Conclave for ... the day of my Class.  I would have two assistant instructors Greg Benchibenga and Robert Spencer.

Greg  Benchibenga

Robert and Ann Spencer

Greg is getting ready for his Two Handed Casting Instructor certification from the FFF.
This was his class.  I did the introduction and turned the class over to him.  I gave him some last minute pointers (not that I know everything, but I was hoping to be of service where needed)... and to build his confidence toward the testing.
Robert's helped us with teaching techniques and general support for the the students.  As always he helped provide good moral support to the class.  Unfortunately, the class was small, to say the least, with just one student Mikel Knife. Must work on getting more next year!  Fortunately, I have never been disappointed in low turns outs since I started the "Day On The River" (our free Saturday events) where the expectation is unknown. If there is only one, or many, it is always chance to share ... and welcomed!!

The Class was held at Irene Rhinehart Riverfront Park on The Yakima River (turn right off the Umptanum Road at the Yakima River Bridge to the pond).  It's a lovely park with closely manicured grass, play settings for the young ones, and wind sheltered picnic tables.  It was a great place to hold a class.

A good instructor and very good student (Mikel).  People like them are what makes my time on the water even more enjoyable.  I would like to thank Mikel, Greg, and Robert and Ann for their support and help during the class.

In closing, I would like to thank the Washington Federation of Fly Fishing Council for inviting me to help with the class.  Special thanks to Don Simonson and Kip Keener for all of the FFF support.  It is because of people like them that the sport is better for everyone.

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