Thursday, February 2, 2012

Straight Line Path Of The Rod Tip

"The efficient loop formation requires the caster to move the rod tip in a Straight Line Path (SLP).

Whether single or Two handed fly rod the SLP is made by moving the rod butt up in the back cast and down in the forward cast. In doing so you are making an adjustment to accommodate the rod getting shorter from the bend (Load) in the rod.
I have looked at a lot of videos and pictures trying to depict the SLP of a two handed rod.
The following picture is as good as it gets.
Note the bend at the top hand to the tip, this allows for a tremendous rod loading and generates the line speed needed to form a very efficient loop.
Also note the bend between the top and bottom hand.
At this point the caster has yet to stop the rod with the lower hand and induct the top hand to finish the cast.

2011 Nordic Games
In this clip look haw fast the white rod dampens out after the stop and how the loop is formed showing not only great control of the caster by maintaining SLP which helps with formation of a very tight loop.

I always like to look at one or two points through out when watching videos.
One of these is "How the caster forms his loop." and the
second is "How well does the caster maintain the straight line path of the rod tip?".


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