Thursday, July 14, 2011

Casting with the kids!

A while ago, Aaron, Cliff and I went down to Aaron's grandson's high school(Tahoma HS) and taught about 60 students in their outdoor program to spey cast. Here are a few pictures from that day. We taught two sessions, with about 30 kids per session and the kids worked in groups of 3 or 4. A fun time was had by all!

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vpflys said...

Many thanks to Aaron Reimer for helping me to try zpey rod and showing me what zpey is all about. And also thank you for showing me the right way to spey cast properly. I have no idea what i was getting into until I met the spey bum guru and educated me about the balance combination of the a spey rod and its line. He is truly the "Obi One" of the spey casting that I ever meet in my fly casting years of experience. Thanks again I hope someday i will meet you again in your local river and spey fishing with you.